Our Residents

When residents join St Martins they become valued members of our community, even beyond moving on from our services. We ask residents when they move on to give some feedback about their experience and we are always delighted to hear from ex residents as their journey to a better life continues to evolve elsewhere.

We invite a number of our ex-residents to attend our summer fair, co-production meetings and staff vs resident football matches, and also offer opportunities for ex residents to act as peer support to current residents. There are few things more useful than hearing the stories and achievements of those you have a shared experience with.

“Whenever I have had problems the staff were there to support me.”

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“The staff gave me unbelievable support. They highlighted opportunities that could be available for me.”

Read Musa’s story here

Our residents in the community

St Martins encourages its service users to make positive contributions to the local community. We regularly ask people living in our homes how they think they can be better integrated in the areas where they live and how they want to contribute to the greater community.

Summer Fair

In 2015, we began a service user led initiative to hold a summer fair in a local park. Residents suggested activities and games for the fair and worked alongside St Martins’ staff to help manage the fair on the day.

St Martins’ first summer fair was a big success and our residents asked us to make this an annual event. Our second summer fair was held in July 2016 and formed a nice accompaniment to the other communit- based activities St Martins’ residents engage in, such as volunteering, regenerating public land and cooking for the local community.

St Martins Football Club

With many of St Martins residents passionate about football, we developed a football program, to allow residents the opportunity to compete within the community as a St Martins Football Club.

St Martins FC was a recipient of two grants from the Wembley Stadium National Trust, which enabled St Martins’ to purchase kits, pay fees to participate in league games and access training.  Two members of the team have also completed a Football Association Level 1 coaching course.

Aside from bringing joy, friendship and incredible experiences to many of our residents, the team also had success on the pitch, winning the North London Special League Cup in 2015 and 2016. They also achieved 2nd place in the league both years. In spring 2018 they won a competition at St George’s Park.

The team also competes in the Wembley Powerleague, a fast-paced, five-a-side league with weekly matches. Members of the team say that St Martins FC gives them a shared purpose and a sense of pride. Players are making greater efforts to avoid harmful substances, diet well and be as fit as possible for match days.  They have also widened their social networks through participation in two leagues and regular training.

Football Club

Creative Recovery

Many of our residents find that creative enterprise is a rewarding part of their recovery process. Some say that it helps keep them well, or even encourages them to stay out of trouble.