What We Do

St-Martin of Tours has 40+ years’ experience specifically running care homes and supported-living services for people with complex and enduring mental-health needs, who are ready to make the transition towards living more independently in the community.

The focus of the service is on facilitating further recovery, optimising medication regimes, engagement in psychosocial interventions and gaining skills for more independent living. The aim of the St Martins residential services will be to enable a transition process to bridge the gap between hospital and independent living for those with complex mental health needs.

Achieve Confidence, Wellbeing and Independence

We enable people to achieve a level of confidence, wellbeing and independence that enables them to live their best quality of life, by building individual self-resilience that prevents social exclusion and isolation through the development of life skills, with the intention of preventing hospital re-admission, homelessness, crisis, or additional professional intervention.

We help people to fulfil their personal aspirations, whilst providing the support they need to achieve this at their own pace and within a non-stressful environment.

theraputic approach

Whole Systems Approach to Recovery

St Martins provides a whole systems approach to recovery from mental illness that maximises an individual’s quality of life and social inclusion by nurturing their skills, independence and autonomy to give hope and lead to successful community living.

We take pride in identifying the personal needs of each service-user and delivering a tailored therapeutic approach to support people in their mental health recovery, promoting the values of;

  • Empowerment
  • Inclusion
  • Rights
  • Control
  • Independence

Personalised Support that Nurtures Recovery

St Martins deliver personalised support in the following key areas:

  • Management of mental health, including psychotic symptoms, mood and medicine compliance
  • Physical health, hygiene and self-care, with appropriate assistance in the use of primary and community health care
  • Living and domestic skills, including budgeting, care of possessions, shopping, food preparation, cleaning, hazard awareness, and other important areas of executive function
  • Social networks and taking part in activities, including relationships with family, friends, children and partners, consideration for others, and reducing isolation and loneliness
  • Addictive behaviour, including use of alcohol / drugs and risk-taking behaviour
  • Financial responsibilities, including budgeting, rent and bills
  • Behaviours that challenge, staying safe and avoiding situations that may lead to negative outcomes

Our Services

Our services include New North Road, Wilton Villas and Chalkhill Road; long established registered mental health care homes, working with people who have a diagnosis of complex and enduring mental illness. Which may coexist with a dual-diagnosis of substance-misuse, learning disability or chronic physical-health issues.

In addition to our registered provision, St-Martins, which is also a Registered Social Landlord (RSL), provides enhanced supported accommodation in 19 self-contained flats and 21 shared bed-spaces over four properties in Islington and Streatham. These services provide intensive support over a 24-hour period for people with significant mental-health diagnoses, many also with complex needs.

  • A professional and personalised service

    Each resident is allocated a recovery keyworker and life skills facilitator, providing the individual with support available 24/7.

    We look to identify key areas for development with all residents, starting with our initial assessment and a staged process of move in.

    This work is followed up in weekly keywork sessions and feeds regular updates to each residents’ care plan.

    Feedback from residents, CQC reports, and our funders and partners in the NHS and local authorities, has all indicated that our staff are proactive, respond quickly to developing situations and are good at maintaining contact with service users and their care teams.

  • Activities, classes, learning and recovery

    We place particular emphasis on encouraging residents to engage with physical activities, recovery and learning opportunities in order to facilitate their recovery.

    Residents are offered learning opportunities around health and wellbeing, employment and education, social skills, budgeting and money management and other beneficial skills.

    Every year at St Martins’ AGM, and during open days at our care homes, residents are encouraged to take the lead in putting on exhibitions of creative work, as well as assisting us with the planning and delivery of these events.

  • Ensuring safety in the community

    We maintain close links with local services to ensure we do all we can to ensure the safety of people who use of services.

    All front line staff attend regular mandatory training on safeguarding, CQC regulations, health and safety, equality and diversity, as well as best practice in caring for vulnerable adults.

    We also work closely with professionals in statutory mental health services as well as with our neighbours and the police to intervene when the behaviour of people who use our services becomes hazardous to the lives of other people.

  • Property Management

    St-Martins is an RSL providing specialist supported housing for people experiencing mental ill-health in a range of tenures. We are monitored by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and meet all regulatory standards. Our experience includes both owning and acting as managing agents.

    St Martins is dedicated to maintaining its properties to the highest standards as active landlords and upholding a quality physical for our tenants. We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of our tenants. An example of this can be seen with 595 maintenance requests and repairs carried out 19/20, with 94% of residents rated the response to their requests as good.

  • Excellent value for money

    We offer very competitive prices for a comprehensive level of service and staff expertise. All our homes are staffed 24/7.

    We run a number of activities, classes and learning opportunities on site, as well as identifying with our residents which external agencies can help them to gain greater independence.


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