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28 June 2018
Chill Pill Group Chill Pill is a group led by staff at Wilton Villas and New North Road, under the supervision of a Clinical Psychologist. This group is an open space for service users to talk about their drug and alcohol issues. Its purpose is to facilitate and encourage service users to create plans in order to make positive changes. It is hoped they will decrease the number of drugs and alcohol they are using, but even getting out of bed earlier or visiting family more are positive changes that are arising from this work. This is a 10 week programme, and only those residents who signed up in the first 3 weeks have been allowed to continue with the course. As a number of service users have been part of this journey from the start and have progressed to week 7, this shows great commitment to the course, and is highly commendable! At the completion of the ten week course we plan to organise a celebration to deliver certificates to those who completed the course.
17 April 2018
Residents’ newsletter A new issue of Connect our residents' newsletter Connect has been published. You can read it HERE.
05 April 2018
Successful move on One of our residents moved on from our services on 4 April, and will be having a leaving party at the end of this week. The gentleman in question came to St Martins from a low secure ward where he had, in his own words, had some very difficult experiences. Through steady application and a great determination to improve his health, wellbeing and life in general, this gentleman made steady progress. He joined advocacy groups. He became a peer support worker, helping others on hospital wards to work towards their safe return to the community. He went to the gym regularly and participated in sport. He designed posters and leaflets. He spoke up on behalf of himself and others, and is now encouraging mental health service users to chair their own CPA or review meetings. It is very heart-warming to see someone transform their life for the better and become such a positive influence. Congratulations to the staff team that supported his recovery, and thank you to our partners in the NHS and local authority. But most of all congratulations to the man himself.
29 March 2018
Human Rights and Hospital Discharge St Martins and our partners at the British Institute of Human Rights are pleased to announce the publication of Human Rights and Hospital Discharge: a practitioners guide. The guide is a 16 page toolkit for practitioners grappling with the often complex and fraught business of discharging patients from mental health hospitals. While being grounded in the relevant legal frameworks, the guide cannot be taken as constituting legal advice. It offers a number of guidelines and some practical suggestions. It builds on the content of further guides produced by St Martins and The British Institute of Human Rights, such as Mental Health, Mental Capacity and Human Rights: A practitioner’s guide. Most importantly the guide places the human rights and wellbeing of patients at the centre of the decision-making process. You can download Human Rights and Hospital Discharge: a practitioners guide here. Further resources and information can be found at www.bihr.org.uk

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