The Referral Process

Helping you through the referral process

It can be a long and complex journey from the initial point of referral to the date someone moves in.  The specifics of each case can be different, and we will do all we can to support commissioners, care teams, potential residents and others acting on their behalf, through the process.


Initial Enquiry
01 Referral documents sent to St Martins
02 St Martins review the referral documents
03 Is the person referred suitable?
YES: continuation of this process
NO: St Martins recommend what has to happen before the person is ready to be assessed
04 St Martins conduct an assessment
a) Does the person wish to receive a service from St Martins
b) Do St Martins believe they can offer appropriate care?
YES to both: the process continues
NO to either: then the process stops here
NO to b): St Martins will make recommendations on what clients need in order to be ready for our services
05 Does the funding panel or commissioning manager agree to pay for the service?
YES: continuation of the process
NO: the process cannot continue
06 Does the MOJ need to give approval?
YES: the process cannot continue until this is given
NO: the process continues
07 Does a mental health tribunal need to give approval?
YES: the process cannot continue until this is given
NO: the process continues
08 If the person is moving in to a St Martins care home, does the person need a transition period?
YES: a staged process of transition involving the gradual increase of day visits and overnights may take from a few weeks to a number of months
NO: move in can commence
09 Commencement of service
10 If the person has moved into a residential placement, they sign the tenancy or licence agreement


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Who to contact

Please send referral documentation to Dr Vimala Uttarkar in the first instance vimalau[at] Alternatively you may need to send it to the manager of the relevant care home or service.