Residential services

St Martins welcomes referrals from all agencies concerning adult men with complex mental health needs who may be placed at our care homes, Chalkhill Road, New North Road and Wilton Villas.

Dormiciliary care, floating support and assessments for independent professionals

We also welcome referrals from all agencies for both adult men and women with mental health needs, which may be complex, to our Domiciliary Care Service and floating support schemes. St Martins also welcomes referrals from all agencies and independent professionals who require a comprehensive assessments of a person’s needs and a recommendation of how these may be met within a particular St Martin’s service.

Supported housing

St Martins only accepts referrals from specific local authorities in relation to our supported housing projects at Ferrini House and Davenant Road and in relation to our Floating Support Service.

The referral process

The process of referral can be long and complex. We are here to help you through every stage. Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Referral enquiries

Please direct all referral enquiries to Paul Holden, Operations Manager on 020 7704 3820 or paulh[at] Here’s a breakdown of what you will need.




Referral enquiries

Please direct all referral enquiries to Dr Vimala Uttarkar on 020 7704 3857 or vimalau(at)