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14 December 2017
Letter to the Prime Minister St Martins joined voices with 144 other organisations to send a strong message to the Prime Minister about the importance of universal human rights. The letter, which was signed by all 145 organisations was published in the Sunday Telegraph. You can read a copy and more background information here. On Wednesday 13 December at 6pm there was a debate in Parliament on ‘Human rights priorities in the light of Brexit’. Organisations that promote human rights are concerned that the proposed British Bill of Rights that is likely to result from Brexit, will be significantly watered down, and present fewer protections to vulnerable people whose rights are currently upheld in EU law under the Human Rights Act 1998.
19 October 2017
2017 annual reports published St Martins has published its annual reports for 2016-17, which have been approved by our board of management. You can view them HERE.
19 October 2017
Move on Congratulations to one of our former service users who has now moved on to greater independence. You can read his anonymised account of moving on HERE.
11 October 2017
World Mental Health Day celebrations St Martins' service users, staff and a few locally based mental health professionals celebrated World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10 October. Two service users sang in a talent show, including one self-composed piece. There were also presentations about employment opportunities and positive mental health in the workplace. St Martins' Chief Executive, John Thompson also spoke of the need for all mental health service users to become IT literate in response to so many public services going online. The event was well attended and the food provided by the Whittington Park cafe was very popular.
04 October 2017
Successful move on We are always delighted at St Martins when our service users move on, having stabilised and worked hard towards their personal goals. So it gives us great pleasure to share Ray's (pseudonym) account of his journey towards recovery, with some notes from his keyworker. Download the full account here.

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Move on

Congratulations to one of our former service users who has n...